Welcome to RSI Global!

Welcome to RSI Global!

Welcome to RSI Global!

RSI Global provides information and analysis; based upon systematic and rigorous employment of data, a deep understanding of strategy, leadership, and world affairs; and a commitment to critically questioning common assumptions. This page is intended to inject these analytical principles and habits of the mind into discussions of important events and trends; to provide a forum for thoughtful engagement and learning; and to promote more sensible strategies that benefit our communities, from the local to the global levels.

This site and its social media platform-based counterparts will generally provide:

The vision for RSI Global is ambitious and exciting; and the expansion of what has been an intermittent blog into a more regular source of information, analysis, and engagement is a step toward achieving it. There are several components to the philosophy underpinning RSI Global, the approach that it takes to exploring important issues and trends, and the goals that it seeks to advance. Watch for elaboration of these and other points!

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