Yours Affectionately – November 23, 1862

Yours Affectionately – November 23, 1862

Camp of 120th Regt N.Y.S.

near Wolf Rim Shoals Va

Sunday Nov 23rd 1862

Dear Mother

Your letter was duly received and I have waited for an opportunity to answer as well as for the Carte de Visite which I received a day or so ago from Washington. Their only merit is to represent my daily appearance as I have worn or taken with me no other suit of clothes since our Regiment took the field on the first day of this month.

Since that time we have been marching & counter marching along the line of the Orange & Alexandria Railroad which we took from the Rebels just as they had nicely repaved it between Manassas & Warrenton Junction, and finally abandoned last Thursday burning the building & some government stores. As yet we have had no engagement having carried on a very Civil warfare the enemy retiring one day, and we retiring another; but we have been called upon to endure extreme fatigue more distructive than battle. My health however has continued to be excellent without any exception, and I do not think we shall experience any harder times as one of the Captains of the Excelsior Brigade told me that he had seen nothing in the Peninsula to equal the suffering & exposure on Thursday & during the night.

We are now on the way I suppose to do like service on the track to Fredericksburgh & perhaps to join Hookers Corps to which we have been ordered to report. But we know very little of our destination.

I hope that Richmond will be taken in time to allow me an opportunity to visit home this winter. I did not count on quite so long an absence when I left home.

I would like also very much to see you in Washington this winter if they would give us an opportunity of going into quarters there.

With the hope of seeing you again one of these days. I remain

Yours truly

C. D. W.

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