Yours Affectionately – November 4, 1862

Yours Affectionately – November 4, 1862


Headquarters 120th Regt N.Y.S.

Centreville Va Nov 4th 1862


My dear wife

Last Saturday our Division was ordered to take the field. We marched in the evening to Annandale; barracked for the night without shelter or fire; started at day break the next morning and reached this place in the afternoon where our Regiment was left while the Division moved forward.

Col. Sharpe is in command of the Post. His duties occupy his whole time. Today he transferred to me the command of the Regiment until relieved.

The spoils of former camps, both of our own & the rebel forces are so numerous that our boys have had no difficulty in supplying themselves with materials for board tents. Today our camp is turned into a carpenters shop.

Our tent equipment was left behind on our old camping ground the men carrying with them the small shelter tents. The officers of each company were allowed one small common tent & the field & staff four wall tents. One waggon carried the baggage of the field & staff, one the baggage of the regiment, one the hospital stores & three the rations for the regiment.

We expect however to draw at this Post a full supply of Sibley tents. The order for them has gone to Washington.

Last week our Court Martial adjourned for a day. I had intended to devote the day to cleaning up my tent & myself but in the morning some of the officers in Court Martial rode into Camp & invited me to join them on a ride to Washington which I did without further preparation. While there I had my photograph taken by Brady of 352 Pennsylvania Avenue, the cartes de visite to be finished today. When I procure them I will forward some of them to you by mail. You will find them to present the same appearance as I ordinarily do excepting the sword which I neglected to bring with me & which I do not always wear.

I will write to you more at length at the first favorable opportunity. With love to all.

Yours afftly

C D Westbrook

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