Yours Affectionately – September 25, 1862

Yours Affectionately – September 25, 1862

From Yours Affectionately,

 C. D. Westbrook

Col. Cornelius D. WestbrookHarriet Brooks Bellows


Compiled by:

Gary M. Ingersoll, Ph.D.

Headquarters 120th Regt NYS

Camp near Fairfax Sem

Washington Sep 25th 1862


My dear wife

I received your letter night before last. Yesterday I came to Washington to look after my trunk, which I ascertain to have been sent a week ago by Express to Kingston N.Y. as it has been examined by government officials, it may be as well to discard a few things. It contains my uniform as Capt of Engineering all my summer clothes, including the black socks made by Corney & shirt & the purple neck handkerchief a new bible presented by the ***ts my compass & a large quantity of dirty clothes; my trap pocket compass, pistol case, books etc. If you have not received the trunk or if any of its contents are missing, let me know immediately.

I have also ascertained about my pay. If the papers had been sent here as I supposed I would have received my pay as adjutant yesterday. As it is I will have to return to the camp & if we are not immediately ordered to march will be able to send you money.

My health is good. We are encamped in a pleasant location. The officers & men are accustomed to their duties, and my own are so light & pleasant when compared with what I have gone through with, that I can hardly realize the change.

We are still near Fairfax Seminary on a pleasant camping ground. We have been ordered a week since to prepare for marching & are constantly supplied with 5 days rations ahead & shelter tents, but it is very uncertain when we shall go.

I return to camp this morning, after I have purchased Cavalry pants & jacket from Government for which I am now going to the upper part of the city. Give my love to Mother & Mary. Kiss the children. I will write to Kate as soon as I get back to camp. I have waited to write to you until I came to Washington which I had expected to do daily.

Your affectionate husband

C D Westbrook

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