Yours Affectionately – September 14, 1862

Yours Affectionately – September 14, 1862

From Yours Affectionately,

 C. D. Westbrook

Col. Cornelius D. WestbrookHarriet Brooks Bellows


Compiled by:

Gary M. Ingersoll, Ph.D.

Headquarters 120th Regt NYS

Sunday Sep 14th 1862


I had written the above [the letter from Sep 12th], when I was called to some duty & have been unable to sit down again to write until today. After inspection this morning I have lain down, taken a nap & now have the greater part of the day before me for my own private affairs, the first opportunity I have seen for weeks.

I do not expect to be so busy in future. Both officers & men are understanding their work, the Colonel is very much improved in health, and the Major will be here in a few days. My labor in future will by no means be extraordinary, and what I have gone through with by no means has affected my health, which is excellent.

I have no objections to your visit home as soon as you can get ready & go; but I cannot send you any money until payday, the time of which is uncertain.

You see the regiment received a months pay in advance before leaving Kingston, and although next Friday there will be two months pay due to me, it may be a month or six weeks before I receive any. I will take advantage however of the first opportunity to make enquiry in Washington and to press my claim & to forward to you the money as soon as possible.

The time of my visit home is uncertain enough. It is exceedingly difficult for me to get to Washington, and I do not think it worthwhile to make any application for furlough until the enemy now in Maryland are disposed of.

We shall probably move our encampment again tomorrow to form a new brigade about a mile or two on our right near the Alexandria or rather Fairfax Seminary. Although our regiment will be withdrawn from its present exposed position on the front I regret leaving our present camping ground, for I never expect again to find so pleasant a one.

While I am writing these lines a couple of Generals with their staff ride into our camp & an order is given to move immediately.

We have sent after transportation & in the course of a couple of hours I will probably be on the way with a portion of the regiment.

So the quiet day which I expected is disposed of.

Make the best arrangements you can until I can aid you. Kiss the children for me & with much love I remain

Yours Afftly

C D Westbrook


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