Yours Affectionately – September 12, 1862

Yours Affectionately – September 12, 1862

From Yours Affectionately,

 C. D. Westbrook

Col. Cornelius D. WestbrookHarriet Brooks Bellows


Compiled by:

Gary M. Ingersoll, Ph.D.

Headquarters 120th Regt NYS

Camp Mt Vernon Sept 12th 1862

My dear wife

Col Sharpe returned to the regiment yesterday afternoon & I find an opportunity to write to you.

We are encamped on a pleasant, healthy & strong position, on the crest of a hill stretching back from the Potomac four miles from Alexandria, two miles from the river and three miles from the home of Washington. The ridge overlooks a bountiful plain stretching on the left to Mt Vernon and in front & on the right to hills more distant. The plain is dotted with meadow & forest a few fine country seats[1], and looks green and beautiful. We are encamped on a plain on the top of the ridge.

[1]              Country houses.

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